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Steve Bennett has a proven record of solving problems and getting things done, as a Ventura County Supervisor, environmental leader and teacher.

Steve has dedicated his public service career to protecting our quality of life, including our local natural areas, open spaces and addressing climate change.

For decades Steve has protected our environment from profiteers.  He coauthored the Save Open Space and Agricultural Resources (SOAR) initiatives to protect open spaces from encroaching Los Angeles-style urban sprawl, and passed laws to stop oil companies and other corporate polluters from contaminating our air, land, drinking water and beaches.

As a County Supervisor, Steve brought fiscal discipline and balanced budgets to Ventura County by implementing smart policies without cuts to vital local services — securing funding to bolster firefighting efforts and open a homeless shelter.

Steve was an economics teacher at Nordhoff High School in Ojai and has 20-years of experience in local education.  He is committed to increasing funding for our public schools – specifically more money going into the classroom, and not the bureaucracy.

He is an independent local leader who stands up to powerful special interests, and wrote one of the strongest campaign reform laws taking big money out of local politics.

Steve has an Honors degree in economics from Brown University and received his Masters in Education from Butler University. He currently lives in Ventura with his wife.

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